Pouring paints…

Afro dreadsThe paint paint from my pen nib patterns,
on the flat walls of this paper,
With just one colour of prose,
Even though the words criss cross..

The fingers on my brush five
the pattern which my medulla sees..
Not from my ears eyes and not from my toes,
The pose,the shape and the whole dose,
In them I see the picture of this boss

And that’s how it flows without the bow,
That’s how it shows without media course,
It in me outs through this skin pores
And befor it pours the paint from my pen nib,
The picture of this boss…It does not criss cross……Elementz N2 poetry

Vergennes Depot Update

Preservation in Pink

Remember the Vergennes Depot? (Seen in October 2012 and December 2012.) A lot has happened since then! Rehabilitation is well under way with new siding, restored windows, original detail exposed, historically accurate colors and much more to come. Who wants to move in?

There is still work to be done on the exterior and interior, and tenants to find for the building. But what a transformation! If you’re on Route 7 or nearby Vergennes/Ferrisburgh, head over to the Park & Ride to see this beauty!

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It stood there by the roadside,
and again my brethren came to seek life,
In the hearts of trust that bears and guides,
The white sheets and pale skins,
where in itself was disguised……….

I saw its many names and saw it play its many games,
It could sometime reap my skin open,
and make that door meastsy,
without the reds,
And later when all had bled.,
It could puss out the puffs,
and make me stench..
THis fuckin robber….

He liked dates and concurrent ones,
That came on his release gate,
and on that date,
The date it was released,through the hell gates,
The second that welcomed the fate date,

tHE ONE WHICH,he was tired of wasting,