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Hey, I thought you would be excited when I told you I had moved houses. I thought you would come visit my humble abode. It never hit me how that would put you off. I mean, I thought you always wanted the best for me. But guess I was wrong, you loved a butterfly, and now you have to let it go, lest you break her wings. The broken butterfly wonders where it will fly to……..



Hello there friends,

It has been quite some time since  I posted something serious. well, I have been writing but the internet over the past week has been plainly horrible. That and some shit in this life, maybe I will share as we go on. I finally moved house though and I must admit its relaxing having your own space. With my key in my pockets I can go out and decide to go hang out in Kisumu. Eat some fresh fish and ogle at the finesse display of serious behinds. There was this one time I happened to go clubbing over at Club Signature. Coming from a place with deficiency in matters derreire, my eyes would pop out every time those jabers would go to the washrooms. As the night weared off and brains became lose following the imbibing of the unholly froths, one came to the realization that Kim Kardashian is a joke. In fact, I think her twerks are painful. The lasses in Dala would side step and their behinds would ramble. Some confessed pervert who later took me to octopuss filled me in with tales of some North Rift ninja cumming in his pants. Ninja had harvested Wheat and maize and decided to turn up in Kisumu. The lasses made o good one out of him. Back to the point though, I am now living on my own after a failed relationship. I tried my best but as they say, you plan and God laughs.

After I am done putting everything in order, I should be in Kampala. I am going to see my relations and someone special as well. We actually met over the internet but don’t judge me. I am human like that. With emotion and shit like that. Women make me cringe though. It is not that I am not open to them, they tend to have this thing with surprises I don’t know about. A lonesome life is better. Coupled with a few platonic friendships, life will make do. As I said, my cup of tea has been very full of late. I have to go back to school in January. This time round, it is different as I will be paying fee for yours trully. I have to work hard. It should be my hobby and I am turning it into that. I am honestly psyched up. I can’t wait for the aroma of chemical ink from a felt pen and the concoction of weired cologne from different souls. The laughter from a lame joke. The knowledge after every lecture. School should be fun.

As I type this away, I am pushed to stop. My new neighbor is on my door. She has offered to make breakfast. Maybe that should be a code for something but I don’t know. Let me freshen up and get going.

I’ll see you later.

Yours trully.

That Venice, A place I wished I moved to

That Venice, A place I wished I moved to