Time forgets

Time forgets

It is 9:20 p.m., somewhere in a hostel, year forgotten.
I forgot about the insects that used to hide in the sheets of my bed,
I forgot about the dude who’d nude before the bell,
I forgot about how he opened the door and woo!
He ran away with my fears…

I remember the aches in my crouch, the scratches that followed,
I remember the bakes of mum’s bread, the mornings and wrecks,
I remember the canes that hit this head, the emblems of pain,
Woo, how they ran away with this fear, what I thought I held dear,

Now I forget my fears, I don’t remember to court them,
For the things I hold dear, I always march to them,
And for the dreams that were not so clear,
To them I toss this beer, for they conquered my fear.

Willis Halfmungu.