Nyar Suba

Nyar Suba,
You were warned of bearded fellows,
Fellows like me, who have big hearts,
Hiding them in the rough allure of facial mimicry.

Nyar Suba,
You were warned about dating poets,
You were told of them,
Writing unaddressed letters,
Letters they claim were not meant for you,
Nyar Suba you know who the letters speak to.

Nyar Suba,
You were hard headed,
You were stubborn like Mboya from your backyard,
Blood is always thicker Nyar Suba,
And that is how unlucky I came to be,
Impregnating your heart with my ravenous charm,
On that wicked night you told me you were mine.



Nyar Suba,
I do not know what I told you,
“What are we?” from you is what bolted me from my fantasy reveries,
There would be no harm in keeping status quo,
And so we started dating Nyar Suba.

I don’t want to regret being your only one,
I have not hesitated however, when an opportunity presented itself,
Nyar Suba,
You have made me old,
I was in my prime Nyar Suba,
My mirror reflected three cruel wrinkles on my one young face,
As I went to work in my paper chase,

My Italian suit was sagging on my frail body.

Nyar Suba,
My people will talk in hushed tones,
On how I stepped on electricity,
I won’t be able to irrigate my throat with common folk anymore,
They will walk out at my entry,
Nyar Suba, you know I never set foot in Sabina Joy,
But now I suffer the wrath of those who suffer from the wire.

Maybe I should stop crying now,
Let me tell you of how it’s going to be way forward,
Nyar Suba, it is in bad spirit this one,
However, I wish you a great life,
You have done me bad Nyar Suba,
But I will not let my mother curse you.



Blood has dried up on that shirt I wore after that deranged war,
It wasn’t really a war, but the skills I required were close to tae kwondo,
And when I recall how it all boogied down, each summer dawn,
My scars will bleed again, these scars will bleed…

To the foreheads and discolored knees,
Blood washing through this gaping wounds,
My scars keeping bleeding pain, painful truth of days gone,
Of love, love of reckless abandon, love gone,
These scars will bleed…

Beautiful souls that used to be, Souls close to me,
With your scars mine will bleed, bleed for deeds and things you never heed,
These scars will bleed for real, bleed for your lives thieved,
And for the savage adventure that let your innocence bleed,
Monthly you will bleed,
Rivers of bloodless flow, hounds of unwanted glow,
For those you will miss, these scars will bleed

My scars will bleed for you who is gone and can bleed no more,
Bleed for the pains and pangs of reckless hunger that put you on the move,
My scars will bleed for you my loves, those that were never able to flourish,
Let my heart bleed away your sorrows,
Let these scars bleed.

These scars will bleed..

These scars will bleed..


Time forgets

Time forgets

It is 9:20 p.m., somewhere in a hostel, year forgotten.
I forgot about the insects that used to hide in the sheets of my bed,
I forgot about the dude who’d nude before the bell,
I forgot about how he opened the door and woo!
He ran away with my fears…

I remember the aches in my crouch, the scratches that followed,
I remember the bakes of mum’s bread, the mornings and wrecks,
I remember the canes that hit this head, the emblems of pain,
Woo, how they ran away with this fear, what I thought I held dear,

Now I forget my fears, I don’t remember to court them,
For the things I hold dear, I always march to them,
And for the dreams that were not so clear,
To them I toss this beer, for they conquered my fear.

Willis Halfmungu.